Welcome, I'm so glad you found us. I am Pastor P. - Paul Morgan of Chosen Generation Ministries and I have one question for you. What was the first thing that was on your mind this morning? Was it work, family, friends? Was it something good or bad? Was it God, that is if you believe in him? Maybe it's about a particular situation you're in right now. I can make a good guess as to who was in your thoughts those first few moments. The common denominator is YOU! Now I can also hazard to guess as to some of the questions going through your mind... What will happen? Can I do anything about this? How will this affect me? Should I pray? Will God hear me? Who can help me? You get the idea. Everything you go through in life, your victories, trials, disappointments, joys, failures, they all revolve around "You" and the relationships you have cultivated, or in some circumstances, have found yourself in. I believe I can help you, because I've seen God work for me and others who have used the principles that he laid out in the Bible for joy and fulfillment in practical, day-to-day living.


Our church is very different in one crucial way, you get to talk about your stuff! We are very conversational at CGM, it's not just me telling you what to do! I believe in straight talk, not just quoting scripture; but having deep, meaningful, heart to heart dialogue that gets to the heart of the matter about your belief system (what you think about yourself, others and God). Now here's the thing: no one lives their life in a vacuum. Everything you do is in some shape, form or fashion, involved with contact with others. Relationships. It's what you think about those relationships, the good and the bad ones that determines the quality of life. I am here to help you understand the difference. I am here to help you ask questions about what you want, and then what God wants for you. Because ultimately, unless you do, you will never find true joy and peace.

God did not create us to be robots. God gave us independent thought and free will; both great privileges and responsibilities. A successful Christian is one who obeys out of a willing heart, because they want to. It is a heart change! You are now a partner, not a slave with Christ. You play a vital role in working out your salvation, which is why your feedback is so important. You have to be involved in working out the solutions to the questions of your life. But you have to be open and honest. It may sound scary, but I guarantee you that the benefits will be worth it. That being said, in the spirit of honesty and transparency, I would like to share more about our faith home to answer any questions you might have about us. 

Chosen Generation

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